2. kawaiitheo:

    Hong Kong Fabrizio Malpighi

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  4. thetrailto100km:

    Wilson Trail Section 5

    Tai Wai to Che Kung  Temple

    Saturday 14th June 2014

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  5. pprodigal:

    No Escape.

    Sai Wan, Hong Kong


  6. thoughtsfromanisland:

    Storefronts & Streetlights

  7. catherine-zhou:

    Hong Kong

  8. mikasavela:

    Sometimes even the most generic side of the city can appear all special and dramatic.

  9. kaiwasoyokaze:

    ode to the end of sustainable livability (there is no long term in HK)

  10. christian-geldart:

    Victoria Peak, Hong Kong